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Introducing AdGyde: Real-time Mobile App Analytics Solution

AdGyde is finally here. The product has been developed by DiGiSpice along with MoMagic Technologies, with a global vision and backing of large mobile internet and technology players.

So what is AdGyde and how does it operate?

AdGyde is a unique product that provides real-time mobile app analytics and attribution. The product is created for app developers and marketers to make the best of their efforts via analytics and insights. AdGyde reigns on two aspects of app analytics:

1. Optimization of user experience:

Once the app is published in the playstore, a single integration of AdGyde will help you get the best of all updates. It starts right with the installation data that AdGyde tells you about the share of organic and inorganic app installs. It tracks conversations and user experience to help optimization of the app, be it the in-app purchases, events and more. What it essentially does is helps to decipher what the user data is pointing at. There can be system bugs which may not have been reported, yet they were somehow standing in the way of providing better user experience.

2. Better monetization of campaigns:

The best part of the product is that it can track campaigns across all ad networks. It creates an integrated dashboard, so that monitoring, comparing, and decision making can be quick. That fact that all data is real-time also adds up to the fact that mobile user market is light-years faster than any other medium; hence campaign decisions needs to be made in a jiffy. It supports CPI, CPC, CPA models for Ad marketers. If the app provides products, AdGyde will show you the acquisition channels, location, media source and performance in order to understand customer behavior, segregating repeat buyers from one time buyers, identifying the influencers from the detractors in terms of referral and other media sources. App marketer can input cost value, put an in-app purchase event on purchase screen and create a deep link to that screen. User clicks on tracking link to make that purchase and captures the revenue details against it. App marketers can track the performance of every Ad unit is broken down by clicks, installs, and revenue on the AdGyde dashboard.

All reports can be downloaded for further number crunching if required. AdGyde’s dashboard operatives are simple and have been created to be the one stop solution for app marketers and developers.

If you want to know more about AdGyde, drop in your queries at pr@digispice.com