4 - Feb - 2018

Internet of Things (IoT)

– A Next Big Thing

Sandeep Singh

With high-speed development in technology and devices, ways to communicate, doing business or completing any other routine task has evolved drastically over the last few decades. Progression in technology has also paved the way of doing task more competently, with lesser efforts and in a time bound manner than ever before. With various technologies emerging in recent years, IoT is one of the most sought after space for organizations who wants to stay ahead, relevant and grow in the coming future. According to Gartner Inc. (a technology research and advisory corporation), there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020. Internet of Things (IoT) will connect the world around us and change the way we would communicate in the future.

Understanding Internet of Things All devices like smart phones, tablets, PCs etc. can be connected to Internet to share information and to make our life easier. A new generation set of smart devices have built-in communication capabilities. For example, your air conditioner can be smart enough to record its energy usage patterns and send it to the cloud and then based on this available data it can adapt to your habits to save more energy. Now here the data is being sent without any human intervention and it is called device to device or machine to machine (M2M) communication.

Another live example of IoT is fitness band – You wear the fitness band on your wrist and it records your heart rate, sleep patterns, distance you covered on your foot and other health parameters. The recorded data can then be seen through an application on your mobile phone. The same data is also sent to the cloud for analytical purposes.

IoT has really unlocked new areas for numerous industries. As the Internet was first thought to be a kind of information sharing platform for researchers and then, as it evolved over the time, it became part of life.IoT is still in its infancy stage but it’s already opening up new avenues.

Following are some statistics as per studies and predictions (Source Gartner Reports)

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DiGiSpice Limited is also providing smart IoT solutions to Government of India, various state governments, Indian Railways and other Enterprise customers in India and abroad.